Friday, August 21, 2009


sometimes the zeph comes out to play, sometimes the righteous people wanna say, that we R the baddest mother fuckers in the USA. so listen quick and check my rhyme cause im only gonna slay it to you just this time. I say it proud and I say it right my lyrics make you feel like afternoon delight. cause I have that real affect on my crew, im like the swoosh that says just do. so the girl in the left might not go out but i cant just sit here type and pout. ill get back wit it at some damn time, I just gotta make that perfect ass rhyme. but for now I will blog on, These words should be saved in that book with the psalm. cause my words are holy and my ryhmes are true, so I say peace out from me to you. I cant party as hard as my boy Mr. Keyeser, cause tomorrow mornin i gotta talk to my LSU advisor.

Peace and Love,


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