Friday, August 28, 2009

god made dirty, dirty bust ya ass.

Monday, August 24, 2009


life is just a series of orgasms so fuck it

Friday, August 21, 2009


sometimes the zeph comes out to play, sometimes the righteous people wanna say, that we R the baddest mother fuckers in the USA. so listen quick and check my rhyme cause im only gonna slay it to you just this time. I say it proud and I say it right my lyrics make you feel like afternoon delight. cause I have that real affect on my crew, im like the swoosh that says just do. so the girl in the left might not go out but i cant just sit here type and pout. ill get back wit it at some damn time, I just gotta make that perfect ass rhyme. but for now I will blog on, These words should be saved in that book with the psalm. cause my words are holy and my ryhmes are true, so I say peace out from me to you. I cant party as hard as my boy Mr. Keyeser, cause tomorrow mornin i gotta talk to my LSU advisor.

Peace and Love,


Saturday, August 15, 2009



from the mouth of doggy dog, isolated beyond the years of contemplation. retrospectively interacting with himself, neverendingly lactating beyond his own control, he commands an army of squid (that are liable) to manifest the ideology of montgomory white's dream. furthermore, the squid are hung, high-spirited, lazy, opinionated, anxious, racist, and white. strap one on, get ready for 2012. my metermaid has found my meat-bucket. she smells like a mushroom could.

dunkaroos, beef chevys, bud heavy, bud light, blue moon, doritos notcho cheez, cheetoz puffz, tropicana x-tra pulp, rezeez piezez, p-nut m&ms, arnold palmer

text me, ill text you back

Thursday, August 13, 2009

YUP wit dem dreads

i gotta new trick, I gUess you could say I luv dis ho.
slick black hourglass with dem SIQUE dreads boi, i mean YUP YUP wit da dreads.

ok she work dat body on ya boi til da record said stop. NOPE this wasn't sum cunt that i chop from block and den spLit reaaalll quick........////..........this bitch CHANGED MY LIFE.

ima holla
(Post. Script. her name is Extacee, more to cum!! i hope!!)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009

it wuz a fiasco.. noone could tranzl8

no shit.. i dont waNNA die.. im gonna fuck someone up... im gonna speak english..
expanding her kitchen.. taking out tiles and shit.. and armando is like we have to move a fucking twohundred pound piece of furnitutre... and he grandma is trying to explin ut tu uz un zpanizh and we 4 lyke srry.. we dnt spk spnzh and shzs lyke zrri. and wre ltke zrri. ahnd theyre likezrry . welkum 2 mah blawfg.

i love kazi dauzatt.

those vamps in north LA they keep biting people an makin it an issue. with agression andf other zyomptons,. ur skyn kaN BEkum plae. if youve sson the thow hulk.

i hate hot fogs. 

my dadas a lung dokta.

slap. sal=l.

glitter on the west streets.

gin and lemonade.. have a little bit

Saturday, August 8, 2009

whatsup ya zephyers, check this out....

i cant even dictate this...

some slut.. it was on the bar... gave me my cred (hahahahh) that i didn't even close though.. so i went to tha mutha fuckin bartender and was like HEY PUSSY WHY IS MY MUTHA FUCKIN CRED LAYIN ON THA MUTHA FUCKIN BARTOP, WHILE THEYRES ALL THESE IDENTY SETALIN MUTHA FUCKINS, I HAVEN'T BEEN TRYIN TO ORDER DRINKS FOR THIRTY MINUTES...AND I WANNA KNOW HOW MANY DRINKS BEEN CHARGED TO MY MUTHA FUCKIN SHIT.. so then that mutha fuckin pussy said,, go to the manager, and i said i already been to your fuckin manager...

so what'd he say?

oh, oh, i just had the minimum bogies ten dollar charge... i only had ten beers, so i sAID fuck yall, all of yall, if yall dont like me then BLOOOOOWWW MEEEEE...

- Big John.. 189 MUTHA FUCKIN COP

Friday, August 7, 2009


yo yo, what uppppppp. we're new to this whole blog scene so bear with us. if you're reading this you alreeeaaady know.