Sunday, August 9, 2009

no shit.. i dont waNNA die.. im gonna fuck someone up... im gonna speak english..
expanding her kitchen.. taking out tiles and shit.. and armando is like we have to move a fucking twohundred pound piece of furnitutre... and he grandma is trying to explin ut tu uz un zpanizh and we 4 lyke srry.. we dnt spk spnzh and shzs lyke zrri. and wre ltke zrri. ahnd theyre likezrry . welkum 2 mah blawfg.

i love kazi dauzatt.

those vamps in north LA they keep biting people an makin it an issue. with agression andf other zyomptons,. ur skyn kaN BEkum plae. if youve sson the thow hulk.

i hate hot fogs. 

my dadas a lung dokta.

slap. sal=l.

glitter on the west streets.

gin and lemonade.. have a little bit

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